Cinderheart is a fluffy gay, oh sorry gray she-cat with a big crush on Lionblaze. And Mille too. Her daddy is Brackenfur the wise and her mommy is the slut Sorreltail. She loves dudes and women sometimes. But she also knows how to piss Lionblaze off because she won't mate with that badass bitch, Lionblaze.

Twilight Edit

Ciderkit just waz pooped from Sorreltail as a souless kit, till Ciderpelt died, then yay for Cinderkit.

The Sight Edit

Ciderpaw befriendz Hollypaw and the two just be there.

Dark River Edit

Hollypaw wakes up when her brother goes to take a dump. Then Cinderpaw wakes up, then, wanting to see Lionpaw crapping, she asks to go with Hollypaw. The two then witness Lionpaw taking a dump.

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