"Yo Tiggybitchy, come over here so I can bitchslap you. Then I'll bore your kits. But I won't be drunk like now."
―Dovewing to Tigerheart in the secret meeting place

Three Words To Describe Her: Beautiful, Show Off, and annoying. She is the third cat in the Power of Three/Omen of the Stars prophecy, 'There Will Be Three, Kin Of Dumb Firestar's Kin, Who Hold The Power Of Dead Spirits Who Are Somehow Wiser Than Living Cats' Paws'. She is the sister of shy, easily-upset mouse Ivypool, and the daughter of Birchfall, who fell asleep while on guard duty of guarding the makeshift den of the former(and smart/sexy) ThunderClan prisoner Sol, who Hollyleaf wants to marry, although she would be cheating on her current mate, the warrior code, who she had three kits with:




and her mother is Whitewing, the most pretty cat in Clan history, whose father, Cloudtail, was born a kittypet, and her mother is Brightheart, who was uglified by dogs when they sliced like, half her face off. Whitewing was also an experienced apprentice when Birchfall was a tiny kit in the nursery.She loves that bitch Tigerheart, and she ran off and had kits, while Tigerheart was standing doing nothing. Then Tigerheart raced off to be with her because she is the prettiest cat in the world and I want to have sex with her! She has kits with him and he is all moony eyed and asks Dovewing if he can mate with her again and touch her boobs and her sexy, hot body and she says sure, and they spend all day long having sex. Then she runs off again with him and goes with him and lives with him in Shadowclan, where Tigerheart becomes Tigerstar(the 2nd)!! Sometimes Bluestar visits her dreams and gets her drunk. This is about once a moon.