Heathertail is a small, sleek, soft and thick-furred, lithe, light brown tabby she-cat with smoky, heather-blue eyes who is hot. She has an icy heart to match her "stunning" and "beautiful" eyes, just as her future mate, Breezepelt, would say. Heathertail is the daughter of Onestar and Whitetail. She's crazy over trying to kill Lionblaze so next time she meets Lionblaze he better watch out! But, she still somehow likes Lionblaze. She is probably trying to make Lioblaze jealous of Breezepelt because Lionblaze thinks she is prettier than Cinderheart. She likes making fun a Breezepelt because of his mom and dad.

Prior to the release of The Fourth Apprentice, Heathertail was still in love with Lionblaze. At the time, she harbored no romantic feelings towards Breezepelt, but their relationship was more complex than just friends. However, after Fading Echoes was released, it was revealed that Heathertail no longer cares for Lionblaze. After the release of Bramblestar's Storm, it was revealed that during the gap between that book and The Apprentice's Quest, Heathertail and Breezepelt had become mates, and Kate Cary believes that it is because they wanted to redeem Breezepelt, and help him become the happy, loyal, and true warrior that he should have been. Kate thinks that Heathertail was lying about Sedgekit finding the tunnels, although Vicky believes she was telling the truth. She was mistakenly described as gray.