Current: ThunderClan
Past: None

Father: Mate:


Stormtail Thistleclaw

Mentor(s): Hafltail
Apprentice(s): None

"Hey Thistleclaw, I know that you evil and stuff and Bluedrunk hates you but I don't care! I wuv you!"
―Snowfur when she was a little bit drunk she was talking to Thistleclaw

Snowfur is a cheeky little white she-cat who fell for the ways of evil Thistleclaw.

Her sister is Bluedrunk, her mother is Moondrunk, and her father is Stormtail, whom many called Stormneglect - for obvious reasons.

One day, when Bluefur was walking happily through the forest toward her secret vodka store, Snowfur skipped up to her and blurted out she'd done what she 'should have done a long time ago': Had sex with the piece of shit named Thistleclaw. She screamed that she was now pregnant with Thistle's baby, and Bluedrunk pretened to be all like 'OMG I am soooo happy for u!" 'n' stuff, when she was actually desperate to bitchslap her littermate to death.

Afterward, Snowfur had Thistleclaw's kitty Whitekit, which Thistleclaw just treated as an excuse to be a bully to Bluedrunk.

Then, Whitekit became Whitepaw after being nursed by Robinwing after Bluefur ticked Snowfur off so much that poor little Whitekit's mother dashed onto the Thunderpath, and got pwned by a car.

Whitepaw then became Whitestorm, with a little scar behind his ear from battle training with that bitch Tiggypaw, who had become Tiggyclaw.

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