Current: Loner
Past: Drug Dealer
Drug Dealer:
Daddy: Chuck Norris
Mentor(s): None
Apprentice(s): None
"Yes, yes, have these, they make you smarter than StarClan.."
―Sol, convincing a stupid ShadowClan cat to think that StarClan was useless.

Sol was a drug dealer to the Clans. He made everyone high and he liked making Clan cats believe that StarClan was unimportant compared to drugs. Even though he wasn't a druggie himself he liked drugging others to laugh at their stupidity.

He liked Shadowclan because they're stupid fucks and they can't see anything in the light.

Jayfeather found him growing weed inside a tree and asked him what the hell was going on. Jayfeather picked the weed and hid it in the dirtplace, because who the hell would go into a dirtplace. Well, cats who had to take a shit. A kitty-robot named Susan found it and that is why they don't attack random cats anymore.

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