Stonefur is a gray tom of the rich RiverClan with pwn'd ears, who has a dead hippie as a dad and a dead alchoholic as a mom. I'm surprised he turned out so well.

His little sister, Mosskit, the smallest of the litter, died of the cold.

Two evil cats, Darkstripe and Blackfoot, killed Stonefur when he was a skinny little prisoner of the modern TigerClan, which had that overly-ambitious bitch Tiggystar as its leader. He has the beautiful show-off Mistyfoot/star as his other littermate.

He was killed protecting Gaystrip and Silverstream's two hopeless, scrawny, mewling kits, Featherpaw and Stormpaw, who are halfClan, as well as Stony, Misty and Mossy, which means that Erin Hunter has once again used two cats from different groups having babies as a 'good' plot when 'she' couldn't think of anything better to write about.