It is a dark and stormy night. You're walking down a dark alley when suddenly...some random girl jumps out and laughs maniacally!

"I'm Sparrowsong," she announces demonically. "I am an escapee from the nuthouse. And this is what happens when I get bored! Bwa-ha-ha!"

She runs around, doing the Caramelldansen dance while singing the Barney theme song at the top of her lungs.

You groan; this girl absolutely cannot sing.

"Here are 15 random facts that you probably didn't know about me!"

  1. Sparrowsong's hair was bright orange as a little kid, but now it's more of an auburn-ish color. Nobody can tell if it's red or brown.
  2. Sparrowsong's eyes change color like crazy. They can be light brown one second, then grey the next. They turned violet once. Sparrowsong is not kidding.
  3. Sparrowsong has a deeper voice than most grown men (one of the reasons she hates singing).
  4. Sparrowsong is 96.256999933487% sure that she is adopted, as she looks absolutely nothing like her dad. There is no way you would ever think that Sparrowsong and her dad were even related. She looks one tiny little bit like her mom, and that's it.
  5. Sparrowsong considers herself to have a good sense of humor, but strangely nobody ever laughs at her jokes.
  6. Sparrowsong is only 12 (going on 13), but she could easily pass for 16.
  7. Sparrowsong is goth/emo (can't decide which), but nobody ever calls her that.
  8. Sparrowsong, for whatever reason, finds it somewhat annoying that nobody ever calls her a goth/emo.
  9. Sparrowsong has OCD.
  10. Sparrowsong's OCD is making her want to begin all of these facts with "Sparrowsong."
  11. Sparrowsong is addicted to metal music.
  12. Sparrowsong sometimes wonders if she is mentally insane.
  13. Sparrowsong thinks she might be psychic.
  14. Sparrowsong is what you might call a "black sheep."
  15. Sparrowsong looks like a younger version of Rachelle Lefevre. Same eyes and everything.

What's weird is that all 15 of those are true.

End of sugar high.


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