Current: Rogue
Past: Jedi
All-powerful PWNER: Yoda
* Unknown
Mentor(s): Who cares? This isn't Star Wars!
Apprentice(s): Who cares? This isn't Star Wars!

"PWN teh kitties, I will."
―Yoda when facing Clan cats.

Yoda was a former jedi from Star Wars. He moved to Warriors and became a rogue. Whenever he sees kitties in the forest, he PWNS them.

Yoda and Cat Showdown

There's gonna be some PWNAGE.


How Yoda pwned TigerclawEdit

Tigerclaw was walking towards some bushes just as Yoda jumped out and yelled, "pwn teh kitties, I will! MAUHAHAHAA!" Tigerclaw screamed like a lil' kitty and then ran away as Yoda chased him with a lightsaber.

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